Area C



In the 2015 and 2016 expeditions to Tell Zurghul an extended survey of the north-western sector of the settlement (denominated Area C) has been performed. The area, of around 41600 square meter (ca. 4 hectares), is characterized by some features visible on the ground. In particular, a long elevation of ca. 250 m long and 60 m wide has been registered, together with another lower mound (Fig. 1). This mound (called mound C) is characterized by a black color surface and many pottery slags have been recovered on the top. Moreover, curvilinear mud bricks walls perhaps related to kilns could suggested the presence of a late working area in this sector (Fig. 2). Mostly along the western side of the long elevation identified in this area, several drain pipes with pottery sherds dated from the Early Dynastic to the Ur III / Isin Larsa periods have been identified on the surface (Fig. 3). The proximity of the drain pipes and the number, exceeding seventy, lets to think to a large drainage system.

Fig. 1: General view of Mound C, from west.

Fig. 2: The large kiln discovered in Area C, from south.

Fig. 3: One of the drain pipe discovered in Area C, from north-east.